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Sell Your U.S. Coins | 1793-1964 | Raw, Graded & Sets

Just Collect Is Buying Rare & Valuable U.S. Coins

If you’re looking to sell your United States coin collection, Just Collect has you covered. Our attentive customer service and free appraisal process ensures that you have a fair cash offer within 48 hours. Appointments with our numismatic experts can be arranged at one of our five appraisal locations, or, if you are not in the area, you can ship our collection to Just Collect – and in some cases, will be fully insured by us. If no agreement can be reached, return shipping is guaranteed at no cost to you. If your collection is either too large or too valuable to ship, Just Collect can travel to your location to offer our free appraisal service.

Identifying What's In Your Collection

Our buying process begins by identifying exactly what is in your collection. Denomination, year and mint mark will greatly inform our coin experts as to the overall value of your collection.

Additionally, your collection’s value will depend greatly on the condition of the coins themselves, their eye appeal and the number of key dates contained in your collection. For example, mint condition coins with little or no wear will have considerably more value than those same coins in circulated condition. Also, coins with low mintage numbers compared to others in their same series can command significantly higher prices. Finally, two identical coins with identical grades can be distinguished from one another by their eye appeal, that is, how appealing they are upon first glance. The more attractive coin will command a higher price.

Minting errors will also have a significant effect on the value of your collection. Off-center strikes, mint mark strikes overs, such as P over D, and incorrect dates are just some of the many errors that can impact the value of your coins.

Quarters, dimes, half dollars and dollars minted 1964 or earlier contain 90 percent silver content, while modern coins, minted after 1964 contain no precious metals. Typically modern circulation coins, without the precious metal content, command much lower prices than their vintage counterparts. That said, Just Collect will appraise most collections containing coins from all eras – from the 1793 Half Cent to the most recent designs.

Evaluating the Condition

After the extent of your collection has been established and indexed, Just Collect’s numismatic experts turn their attention to the collection’s condition. Any wear of the highest points of a coin’s main devices will constitute a circulated coin, while coins with no wear will be considered uncirculated.

Within the range of uncirculated coins, numerical grades are determined by the extent to which the mint luster is still apparent, the amount of bag and/or rub marks on the coin, and any other factor that might adversely affect the coin.

Coins purchased directly from the mint and encased in plastic holders, such are the annual silver mint sets, are not necessarily always perfect, mint-condition coins. Hairline scratches, rub marks and other defects often occur during the minting process.

Understanding the Grading System

Coin grading standards have long been established by various publications and professional grading services. Yearly publications, such as the Official Red Book of Coin Values, and services such as PCGS and NGC, use a 70 point scale to determine the grade of a coin – “1” being a coin so worn that it is barely identifiable, and “70” being a coin that has no flaws whatsoever. Mint state coins occupy a range of 60 to 70, and would be designated with an MS prefix for business strike coins and PR or PF for proof coins. Therefore, as perfect coin would be designated as a MS70, PR70 or PF70, depending on the type of strike and the grading service involved.

What We’re Looking For

Just Collect is looking to buy all coin collections of value. This includes, but is not limited to, raw (ungraded) coins, graded coins, complete sets and commemoratives coins. Items of particular interest to Just Collect include U.S coins 1793-1964, ungraded collections in better condition, error coins, limited issue and low mintage coins, Morgan Dollars, Peace Dollars, silver and gold coins, early United States Commemorative coins, Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles and large collections including ungraded coins in high grades.

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Contact Just Collect today to set up your free appraisal. Our coin experts will guide you through the process of turning your collection into cash, with an offer forthcoming in 48 hours. You can reach us at 732-828-2261 Monday-Friday, from 9AM - 6PM. You can also send us an email at info@justcollect.com.