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Selling Your Cards on eBay?:

Selling Vintage Cards

Once you’ve decided to sell your collection and begin weighing options, the idea that it can be done without the help of a professional inevitably crosses everyone’s mind because “if they can sell it on eBay, why can’t I?” Almost anyone can create an eBay account and go about listing and offering their items for sale. Where things become less certain is at the close of the auction when the last bid has been placed and the final values of your cards are set in stone. So whether you decide to sell on your own on eBay or consider selling your collection to Just Collect, we ask you to consider the benefits of selling directly to a professional card service.

Free Appraisals and Evaluations

Having an expert evaluate your cards and determine the retail value pre-auction is the best way to put to rest most of the worries you may have about how your cards will perform if you put them up for sale. The Just Collect team is comprised of some of the most respected names in the industry. Their knowledge of the material, past and recent sales history and current market trends is unparalleled and are invaluable tools when it comes time to evaluate and eventually sell your collection.

Maximum Exposure

As eBay’s largest seller of sports and non-sports cards, Just Collect has an incredibly large and loyal following of high-end collectors that take part in our auctions every week and traditionally allow us to realize some of the highest sales prices in the industry. Additionally, our weekly newsletter is viewed by tens of thousands of subscribers and our print ads, featuring sale highlights, can be found in trade papers throughout the industry. The items we sell do not go unnoticed.  They are put in front of the right bidders at the right time to insure that you get the maximum return and this allows Just Collect to pay higher prices than our competitors and lets you get an offer than may equal or exceed what you may realize selling on your own on eBay.

Reputation & Feedback

Over the years Just Collect has built its business on the basic foundations of integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Our customers, both buyers and sellers, rest easy knowing we have their best interest at heart and the best results in mind each time a card is placed up for sale. That impeccable reputation, most easily seen in our combined feedback scores of over 125,000 with 100% positive feedback, allows new and current customers to bid confidently and allows potential sellers to see how we conduct business and how we treat all of our customers!

Changes To eBay Selling Restrictions

Even after considering all of the above, if you chose to go forward on your own selling on eBay, eBay’s recent changes to their selling policy make it impossible to sell a collection of any substantial size as many newer sellers are only allowed to list a handful of items per month, that combined must total less than $1000. Additionally, attempting to sell cards with limited feedback has proven disastrous for many beginning sellers. Prices realized are usually a fraction of what they could have been had they been handled by an established seller. The thought of selling your collection can be overwhelming. Contact Just Collect today and let us answer any and all questions you may have.